I AM KARACHI Dialogues
This initiative aims to engender greater dialogue, discourse and critical discussions on diverse issues and topics related to Karachi (such as the importance of public spaces, the role of sports, arts and culture in society, and on diversity, preservation and history) led by a panel of notable civil society members, development practitioners, artists, activists, and […]
I AM KARACHI Walls Of Peace
This initiative focuses on replacing negative and politically charged graffiti covered walls with visual images and messages that illustrate positive values such as peace, tolerance and diversity. In partnership with Vasl Artists Collective, the target is to undertake 100 negative graffiti covered walls at a time from across Karachi and convert them into 100 Walls […]
I AM KARACHI Music Festival
I AM KARACHI collaborated with consortium member Nida Butt’s Music Art Dance School (MAD School), Fuzon and Mekaal Hasan for the first I AM KARACHI Music Festival.  The aim of this music festival was to revive and reclaim the music culture of Karachi. The festival brought forth three major components to its audience: Music Mentorship […]
Inspired by TED Talks as a platform devoted to spreading ideas and creativity, the I AM KARACHI Talks is a platform for sharing inspirational stories of unsung heroes of Karachi. Hence, the objective of the I AM KARACHI Talks is not only to inspire but also promote positive new role models, particularly for the youth […]
A part of the core initiatives, the film festival will become an annual event, following the footsteps of renown international film festivals. The Film Festival will showcase films which provide insightful and innovative perspectives as well as the multifaceted nature of Karachi’s metropolitan existence.
This event was first held in April 2015 as a day dedicated for peace in Karachi signed as a declaration between I AM KARACHI and the Commissioner Karachi. From thereon, this day will become an annual event to be celebrated every second Sunday of every March, as a day where citizens of Karachi will come […]