Karachi’s musical offerings are far and few. A city of Karachi’s size has one Arts Council and one National Academy of Performing Arts. Music programs and trainings that are open to the community are very limited.  IAK seeks to change this by bringing back the tradition of live music

In 2017, a month long music festival, the first of its kind to ever hit Karachi was organized in the month of December by I AM KARACHI.  LOK VIRSA came to Karachi for the FIRST TIME in its 49 year history! 200 artists from all over the country performed to a jubilant Karachi crowd of over 9000 people!

We took the crowd on a journey of music through different generations and genres. Karachiites claimed public spaces broke down the barriers that ethnic divides; migration and terror have caused in the city. We focused on using the sounds of the city itself to encourage understanding and finding unity in diversity. The festival aimed to and successfully brought energy and offered an alternative narrative for, and about, the people of Karachi.

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